Fun on Valentine's Day with a Small Budget

February 1, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Every February 14th, people all over the world celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging tokens of love and affection with friends, family, and for those lucky enough to have one, a special someone.

But the commercial buzz can make it hard to enjoy the season of rom-coms and love-songs when you're short on cash. 

Show Your Love for Less This Valentine's Day

While it's not the highest-spending holiday of them all, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans actually spent a little less than the year before: an average of $146.84 in 2016, and $136.57 in 2017.

But that still adds up to a lot of roses and candy hearts! Want to celebrate without spending an arm and a leg? Here are some easy ways to show your love for less this Valentine's Day.

Celebrate After Valentine's Day

Dinner and a movie are traditional dating go-to's, but restaurants and theaters tend to fill up fast on Valentine's Day. Why not wait until the day or weekend after to celebrate?

Leftover candy will be on sale, and it tastes just as good at half the price. Talk to your date about celebrating Valentine's Day later to avoid the crowds and pressure of going out on February 14th.

Be Thoughtful

You hear the expression, "It's the thought that counts" quite often when it comes to gift-giving. If you put serious thought into what will make your Valentine smile, it will definitely show!

  • Make Something Special. It can be anything from a scrapbook to a special meal.
  • Try Something New Together. You might just discover a new activity for date night.
  • Re-Live Your Firsts As a Couple. Recreate precious moments while creating new ones.

There are lots of ways to save this Valentine's Day, but the biggest way is to emphasize the sentimental value over the material value.

Do Your Homework

What does your Valentine love more than anything else in the world? Chances are there's a way to make it happen for less with a little planning. Talk to your special someone about what they might like to do and check your local event calendar or even Groupon to see what's happening near you for less money and more romance than dinner and a movie.


Do they love live music? A music festival or local concert might be just the ticket. Does your date love to laugh? A comedy club might be a little cheaper than a show. Do they love the great outdoors? South Carolina has some awesome hiking trails and breath-taking vistas that are worth the walk to see.

Take Advantage of Gift Cards, Coupons, and Miles

If you want to do something extra special this year but you're short of cash in the Cherokee Falls or Blacksburg area, you might be wondering, "Where can I find a title loan?" The fact is, you probably already have everything you need to celebrate with your special someone.

Do you have unused gift cards and coupons, or points or miles from your credit cards? If so, why not put what you already have to use? Find out if those miles you've racked up and the points you've acquired can be used to book a weekend getaway.

Be a savvy consumer this Valentine's Day and look for special promotions, coupons or on Groupon to explore fun activities or dining options that might appeal to you and your special someone. No matter what you and your date want to do this Valentine's Day, you can always find ways to save with a little planning.

Have a Stay-Cation

If you can't afford a getaway weekend, why not plan a staycation with your bae this Valentine's Day? Turn your place into a bed and breakfast for you and your special someone for an affordable alternative to the expense of traveling. Simply dressing up the master bedroom with some rose petals and scented candles can transform it into a honeymoon suite, and you can never go wrong with treating your Valentine to breakfast in bed.

You can even use your staycation as an excuse to break away from your normal routine and explore your city and its surroundings. There's so much to do in Johns Island, James Island, and greater Charleston area. What really matters this Valentine's Day is showing the one you love how much you care, so save some cash while spoiling your Valentine with a weekend of pampering and discovering new things to do together in your area.


How Will You Save on Valentine's Day This Year?

Just because this holiday of love has become a billion-dollar industry doesn't mean you have to overspend this Valentine's Day. There are plenty of ways to show your Valentine how much they mean to you without tapping yourself out. Before you Google "title loan near me" to fund your romantic undertakings, use these simple ways to love more for less this February! You'll be glad you did.