7 Fun Tax Facts for Tax Day (April 17th)

April 2, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

As you get ready to file your taxes this year, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one who’s suffering through this annual process. 

Everybody pays taxes in one way or another and it seems as though the more money you make, the more the government wants to take. But believe it or not, there’s actually some truth to that.

Fun Facts on Tax

There’s probably a number of fun and interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the taxes you’re paying. Here are 7 fun tax facts to know for Tax Day

Render Unto Caesar

As you might know, many of the modern English words we use today originate from Latin, a much older language used in ancient Rome and throughout the Roman Empire. So it comes as no surprise that the word “tax” was actually derived from the Latin word “taxo,” which translates to “I estimate.”

Code of Biblical Proportions

The Bible contains about 800,000 words. The Federal Tax Code has about 4 million.

Snitches Get Riches

If somebody reports their employer for tax evasion in the United States, that individual could stand to receive a whopping 30% of the total amount recovered by the Internal Revenue Service.

Light Reading

You might say that the early 20th century was a simpler time, at least for Congress. Back in 1913, the federal tax code was contained within a mere 400-page document, a long yet manageable read. But by 2010, so much had been added to the tax code that it now spans across 70,000 pages.

Lax on Tax

In 2012, almost half (47%) of all Americans did not pay any federal income tax. Five years prior in 2007, before the nationwide recession, 40% of American households didn’t even owe a federal income tax.

Working for the Man

In 2009, the average amount of work days you would have to put in just to pay your taxes for the year was 103.

Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax

The United States has what’s known as a progressive tax system. This basically means that the more money an individual makes, the more they are required to pay in taxes.

How Could Title Loans Help You This Tax Day

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