5 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day for Under $15 (April 22nd)

April 1, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

April 22nd is getting close, so how are you planning to help make the world a better place this Earth Day? Even if you aren't really the environmental type, the Earth is home to all of us and we should all do our part to maintain it for future generations. Not only that, but it pays to be pro-green, literally.

5 Ways to Put Earth First This Earth Day

By making Earth-friendly choices, you can keep more green in your wallet! If car title loans are the only thing keeping your financial emergencies at bay, you could greatly benefit from making good environmental choices. Here are 5 ideas to celebrate the benefits of going green this Earth Day:

Roadside Pick-Up

While it may not be the most fun way to help out the planet, volunteering with a local roadside cleanup event may be one of the most gratifying experiences you’ll ever have.

Join hundreds of men and women in their cause to clean up your own hometown by bagging up the accumulated trash from the side of the roads. You’ll feel amazing after it’s over knowing you did your part to clean up your city. Who knows, you may even make some new friends in the process.

Switch to Reusables

A great way to help out the Earth is to replace all your disposable household items with reusable alternatives. Sure, paper plates and red plastic cups make for easy after-dinner cleanup but think of how much money you’d save if you began reusing those things we use every day.

Big retailers like Walmart and Target offer ceramic and porcelain cups, plates, bowls, mugs and a variety of utensils at very reasonable prices. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, so have some fun with it and shop around. In the end, your wallet and your planet will thank you.

Ditch the Car Keys

We’re all in the habit of driving everywhere we go, even if it’s just a quick 2-minute commute down the street. But driving costs money, and even the little bit of gas you use to drive down to the corner store costs something in gas and eventually, new tires.

Next time you need to go somewhere that isn’t too far from home, consider walking or biking there instead. You’ll save money, get exercise and reduce your carbon footprint.

Plant Something Green

Here’s a fun way to celebrate Earth Day with the kids - next time you’re out shopping, pick up some seedlings in the garden department and plant them around your yard.

The process of planting is fun and easy, so why not enjoy a little family time while teaching your children the miracle of life? You’ll add a little extra beauty to your home while making our Earth a little greener.


Ever wish you could just turn off all the distractions in your life? Pulling the plug on your phone, TV, and internet along with any other non-vital electronics for just a few hours can have a lasting impact on the environment.

Take advantage of these “blackout” hours and allow yourself some peace and quiet. Doing this will not only reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint, but it will also help decrease unhealthy stress. It’s good for your wallet, your health and yes, it’s also good for the planet.

How Will You Celebrate This Earth Day?

The spring season is the perfect time to go outside and plant a tree, pick up some trash or go for a walk. The weather is perfect and most everybody is in the mood to do some spring cleaning.

So, why not do something to celebrate this Earth Day? Only a few of these eco-friendly activities would cost you anything to participate, while the rest are free for you and your family to enjoy. Find your way to celebrate today and show the Earth and your wallet a little love.