4 Ways to Save Eggs-tra Money on Easter

March 28, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

When Easter comes around, it's right around the time of year many Americans are finally recovering from their holiday spending from the previous year. We forget how much money is actually spent on even the more minor holidays like Easter.

Get More Bunny for Less Money

Chocolate bunnies, eggs, baskets, egg-coloring kits, Easter grass, and trips to the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny can all add up to a substantial amount of cash. If you're trying to stay on top of your budget this Easter, here are 4 ways you could save some egg-stra money!

Grab the Candy the Night Before

Don't rush off to snatch up the peeps and chocolate bunnies just yet. Contrary to what you might believe, it pays to procrastinate sometimes. When holiday items first hit the store shelves, you can bet your bottom dollar they're tagged at full retail price.

Unless you want to pay extra money simply to get your holiday errands done early, hold off until Easter's a lot closer; preferably the night before. The options may be slightly more limited, but you'll save a basket-full of money.

Recycle Last Year's Easter Basket

It goes without saying that recycling your Easter stuff from last year will save you money. If you still have last year's Easter baskets sitting on the shelf in the walk-in closet, use them again.

There's no sense in spending extra money on stuff you already have. The kids won't care too much about the basket anyway. It's what's nestled inside that makes gets them excited!

Make Your Own Dye and Hide Your Own Eggs

It doesn't pay to spend money on special dye kits when you could easily make your own at home. Just take a small pot, fill it with 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Add 1 tsp of vinegar and about 10 drops of food coloring.

Repeat these steps for all the colors you want to make and you're done! And as far as the traditional egg hunt goes, do it at home. It's easier and cheaper to hold a family Easter egg hunt at the homestead than to pack everyone into the car and drive to an organized Easter event. You'll spend less money and more time with your family.

Make Easter Dinner at Home

A holiday doesn't have to always include going out to a restaurant for dinner. In fact, most families prefer to stay home on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why should Easter be any different?

This Easter Sunday, put a ham in the oven and spend the afternoon relaxing at home while dinner's cooking. There are plenty of delicious Easter dinner recipes that you can easily find on sites like and Pinterest. A nice home-cooked meal beats navigating the expense and stress of a pricey meal at an over-crowded restaurant.

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