4 Things to Get More Green By Budgeting Your St. Patrick's Day

March 9, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

If you've used credit cards or a title loan to help keep your finances afloat this year, then perhaps you should be more green-conscious while celebrating St. Patrick's Day. 

4 Ways to Save This St. Patrick's Day

Believe it or not, you don't need a high-paying job to get the pot of gold. All you need is a budget, a little self-control and these 4 simple ways you can get more green by doing St. Patrick's Day on the cheap!

Stay Home

The key to saving money on any day is to opt for staying in, because going out usually entails spending cash. Even if you don't actually buy anything while you're out, you're still using gas to get around. This St. Patrick's Day, why not celebrate the luck of the Irish in the comfort of your home? Take this approach with all holidays and you'll be shocked at how much money you can save.

Wear Green

Showing off your St. Patrick's Day spirit doesn't mean you literally have to show off. Don't bother with the green top hats, shamrock glasses, and face paint. Instead, keep it simple and throw on a green t-shirt. Though Kelly Green is the way to go, any shade of green will do the job. Why spend money on green duds if you don't have to?

Make Your Own St. Patrick's Day Feast

What's a holiday without food? Saint Patrick's Day works perfectly for those on a strict budget because it's one of the few holidays that doesn't call for expensive or extravagant dishes. Corned beef brisket, fresh cabbage, carrots, and some red potatoes are the main ingredients to a delicious Irish meal that is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. It's cheap, easy to put together and oh-so good! Just fill your crock pot, add some seasoning and turn it on. After about 8 hours on low, you'll be ready to dig into a holiday feast that'll immediately have you going for seconds.

Host the Party

Since you're on a budget, it's better to host a party instead of hitting up the bars. Simply invite your friends and family over to your place and have them bring their own beverage and a covered dish. Throwing your own holiday party shouldn't cost much if you handle it the right way. Green balloons are cheap and plastic ware is even cheaper. Just stick to the basic party essentials and it should be a big hit without hitting your bank account.

How Will You Save Green This St. Patrick's Day?

Now that you have the basic guide to a budget-friendly St. Patrick's Day, it's time to throw on a green t-shirt, fire up the slow cooker and call up some friends. Don't be afraid to get creative and come up with your own ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, as well. As long as you keep it simple, affordable and fun, you'll definitely keep more green in your pocket.