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What Is A Direct Lender?

When obtaining a loan you will have the option to work with a direct lender or a broker. A broker contacts lenders to secure your loan. So, then what is a direct lender?  

A direct lender secures and funds the loans themselves. They offer more flexibility to help borrowers with the loan process. Since they work with the borrowers directly, they can craft loans that will help fit the borrower's needs. 

Below we will look at direct lenders, and the advantages they offer borrowers.  

What Is A Direct Lender? What You Need To Know

What is a direct lender? A direct lender is a financial institution that makes loans to lenders without using another bank or financial organization. Direct lenders may be a bank or private company that deals directly with providing loans to borrowers. Peer-to-peer lending networks can be considered part of the direct lending market.  

When getting a direct loan the borrower does not need to have excellent credit but may require collateral for approval. Direct loans using a car title would be an example of the collateral required. Most direct loans can be applied for online and have quick approval times.  

what is a direct lender?

Direct Lender Loan Advantage

Direct lenders can have many advantages over traditional loan brokers. Direct lenders work directly with the lenders and tailor your loan to fit your needs. They can work with borrowers with less-than-perfect credit to get their loan requests accepted. 

Direct lenders often have lower fees. Because the direct relationship between borrower and lender reduces the companies involved in the process, they can lower their loan fees. This will in turn reduce the overall cost of the loan. 

Direct lenders also have reduced wait times for the loan approval process. They don’t have to wait for a response from the lenders. They are the ones that authorize the loan in the end. This will result in drastically reduced wait times, some even giving almost immediate responses. 

Direct lenders also have a more personal experience with borrowers. The same company or loan agent will accompany the borrower through the whole process. A broker would submit a borrower's information to different lenders to obtain the loan for the borrower. They would then have to pass the borrower off to the lender. With a direct lender, this is all accomplished by the same company and agent.  

Benefits Of A Car Title Loan From A Direct Lender

Working with a direct lender will also offer advantages when trying to obtain a car title loan. They can be quickly and easily obtained. Most funding for car title loans is immediately approved and funded the same day. And direct lenders can work with you to adjust your payment plan to fit your needs. 

Using a direct lender like Carolina Title Loans, Inc. to obtain a car title loan will help more people with credit issues qualify for a car title loan. They will work with good credit, bad credit, or individuals without credit. They can approve someone with difficulty obtaining a loan based on their credit history. 

Using your car as collateral can make it easier to approve an individual with low-income or non-traditional income sources. So, if you are self-employed, a freelancer, or unemployed, you can still obtain a car title loan using a direct title lender. 

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Getting A Car Title Loan

A car title loan is a quick and easy way to get emergency funds. Many direct lenders such as Carolina Title Loans, Inc. offer direct loans using car title. They will allow you to keep your vehicle and receive the emergency funding you need. 

To obtain direct loans using a car title you will need to own your vehicle without any liens. The amount you will be able to receive will depend on your vehicle and its condition, but amounts up to $15,000 are available. If you are concerned about your financial standing and credit score, rest assured that Carolina Title Loans, Inc. offers car title loans to people with all types of credit and income. 

Get Your Title Loan Today

At Carolina Title Loans, Inc. obtaining an auto title loan is easy. You can start the loan process by filling out the online form or contacting a branch in your area. Once you are connected to a loan representative, they will ask you to provide some information and schedule a meeting to evaluate your vehicle. 

When you visit the Carolina Title Loans, Inc. branch you have selected, you will need your identification, lien-free title, and vehicle for an inspection. A verification agent will inspect your vehicle and give you an estimate of your vehicle’s value. This process will determine the loan amount you can obtain. 

You will then work with that agent to finalize your loan paperwork and complete the loan process. In as little as 30 minutes you can complete the title loan process and receive your money.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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