A diverse group of people holds up a Thank You sign and demonstrate ways to be more grateful.

8 Ways To Be More Grateful

There’s a lot about life we don’t fully appreciate — good health, the love of friends and family, and the kindness of strangers. The truth is it’s easy to integrate genuinely fulfilling ways to be more grateful.

Saying “thank you” is the most common way to express gratefulness, but there are deeper, more fulfilling ways to show gratitude. And you can start today with these eight simple ways to be more grateful. 

8 Ways To Be More Grateful

1. Start A Gratitude Journal

Since it’s so easy to overlook the little things in life day to day, keeping a gratitude journal is a tool to remind yourself to embrace gratefulness. Write about everything you enjoyed each day, big or small.

What made something ordinary stand out as a potential moment of gratitude? Who do you value in your life? To you, what does it mean to be full of gratitude? These simple questions will help you become more grateful. 

2. Go Beyond A Simple "Thank You"

Try this gratitude exercise: For one day, track how often you say “thank you,” noting when it happened and why. Chances are that the sentiment is often hollow; it has become an automatic response.

Instead, try practicing mindful thank-yous each day. Go beyond the words and verbally express just what someone and their actions have meant to you.

3. Avoid Selfishness

It’s easy to prioritize our desires over the needs of others, but it’s much more challenging to be selfless. Instead of prioritizing what feels good to you, one of the best ways to be more grateful is to prioritize what fills others with joy.

You may not want to see a particular movie but go with a friend who has expressed his excitement about it. You may consider a Christmas light display gaudy, but if a loved one feels otherwise, make an exception.

A woman demonstrates how to be more grateful by mediating at sunset.

4. Rethink Challenges

You, and only you, are in charge of your emotions. Challenges in your personal life or life at work can instill fear and stress, often unnecessarily. One of the most effective ways to be more grateful in life is by reframing a challenge as an opportunity to learn something new through success and “failure.”

5. Combat Anger

Some anger is healthy, but letting your temper take the wheel is not. The next time you feel your anger take control, step back and switch gears by thinking about everything you are grateful for. You’ll soon find that all the happiness and advantages in your life far outweigh your reasons for being angry.

6. Integrate Gratitude Into Mindfulness

No matter the type of religion (or no religion at all), it’s easy to incorporate gratitude into your life through prayer, chanting, meditation, or simple mindfulness exercises. People have been repeating words of gratitude into these practices for centuries as one of the most impactful ways to be more grateful. 

7. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

A life full of gratitude is a life where you avoid comparing yourself with others. Yes, it’s easy to compare salaries, bodies, talent, and happiness. But to be truly grateful is to be genuinely thankful for yourself, so-called flaws and all. 

8. Move Forward

Life’s events can linger like scars on your emotional well-being. While some life events are more traumatic than others, to be more grateful daily, try your best to put the past behind you. You can acknowledge it, but then you must move on.

There is no place for past insecurities or damage in present-day gratitude. Instead, be grateful that you can set the past aside and concentrate fully on the present and the future.

A father and daughter demonstrate how to be more grateful with a loving hug.

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