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Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

Planning endless holiday get-togethers, gift-giving, family time, and balancing work and bills on top of the holidays could create major Christmas stress. It’s important to take the time to lower your stress levels and focus on what the holiday season is really about – spending time with loved ones and expressing gratitude for the good in your life.

While it sounds easier said than done, there are some ways to de-stress this Christmas… while still dealing with everything that’s on your plate.

How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

Let’s dive into better practices for the holiday by taking a look at the most stressful activities of the season. We have put together 10 simple ways to:

  • Planning gifts
  • Hosting friends and families
  • Making time for yourself
  • Prioritizing those you love
  • Dealing with financial urgencies
  • And more…

1. Order Gifts Online In Advance

Fighting the holiday crowds can add to your Christmas stress. To avoid it altogether, order everything you need online months or weeks in advance. Everyone loves online shopping and you can get everything you need to be delivered straight to your door with just the click of a button.

However, if it’s late in the season, there are big-name stores that have fast delivery options such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. If you’d rather shop local or handmade, try websites such as Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.

2. Make Time To Enjoy The Season

With all the extra time you’ll have from ordering gifts online, you can make time to actually enjoy the season. You can still peruse all your favorite shops, drive through town to see decorations, take the kids to visit Santa, and have the time to bake your favorite holiday cookies – just for you to enjoy!

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3. Host A Potluck

If you are in charge of having everyone over for a Christmas meal, suggest a potluck instead of cooking everything yourself. This gives everyone a chance to bring their signature dish and you’ll probably end up with more delicious food to choose from.

4. Decorate Simply

You don’t need a lavish singing Santa or giant blow-up reindeer to enjoy the season. Your house can still look beautiful and tasteful with simple decorations. Try branches, pine cones, and candles for a simple, traditional look. Better yet, for some added family fun have your kids collect the decorations from a local park or your backyard.

5. Do Less

Setting boundaries is imperative to a stress-free Christmas. Do not feel like you have to say yes to everything, do everything, and buy everything. Say no to any event that causes you stress. Say no when your child wants something similar to what they already have at home. Only say yes when it will bring you joy.

6. Send Fewer Christmas Cards

Send fewer Christmas cards…or ditch them altogether. No one says you have to do this and it isn’t necessary. Instead of writing down 50 addresses, you can pick your top ten closest friends and family, making your cards even more special.

Your cards don’t have to have a fancy or professional photograph. Play around with old pictures, phone pictures, or even use cute graphics or art.

7. Ditch Gift Exchanges For Time Together

If you have a group of friends that usually gets together to exchange gifts, suggest making it simpler. Time spent together is more important than a material item anyway. You can meet up for lunch or go see the Nutcracker and if someone does want to exchange gifts, suggest a White Elephant or Secret Santa game so you only have to purchase one item.

8. Wrap Gifts As You Go

If gifts start piling up that need to be wrapped, your Christmas stress levels are bound to go up too. Instead, wrap gifts as you get them so it’s only a few at a time. If you opt to buy gifts online and get them delivered to your home, it’ll be easier to wrap a few each day when they appear on your doorstep.

9. Enjoy A Candy Cane

Peppermint has many benefits. Its smell and taste can soothe anxiety and even an upset tummy which sometimes comes with Christmas stress. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, pop a candy cane in your mouth and see how you feel.

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10. Be Prepared For Financial Emergencies

There’s enough Christmas stress to go around without adding unexpected bills to the mix. If you don’t have an emergency fund up and running yet, consider an emergency installment loan from Carolina Title Loans, Inc. These are short-term loans of up to $1,500 that could be used for things like:

  • Urgent home or car repairs
  • Medical bills or procedures
  • Emergency travel

To apply, you’ll need your state I.D., a checking account, and your most recent pay stub or another document to verify your income. Get started by filling out the online form to learn more.

Get Rid Of That Christmas Stress Once And For All

Now it’s time to take at least a handful of these tips and apply them to eliminate some of that Christmas stress. By prioritizing things that bring you joy, you can cut out the fuss and unnecessary hassles that the season may bring.

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