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How To Save Money Fast When You Make Less Than $40K A Year

Carolina Title Loans, Inc. offers car title loans that can be helpful in a financial emergency. Those emergencies can disrupt your savings goals, but borrowing the right way can help you stay on track with your financial targets.

Of course, there’s more to learning how to save money fast than using loans wisely. You must also learn to track your spending, spend less than what you earn, make more money on the side, and increase how much money you put aside in savings.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into the steps you can take to save money fast, even if you make under $40,000 a year.

How Do You Save Money When Earning Under $40,000 Per Year?

Learning to save money fast involves many small ideas that work well together. But to avoid being overwhelmed, it’s best to group those ideas into five steps: track everything, spend less, earn more, save more, and use debt wisely.

Here are the five steps you must follow to save money fast when making less than $40k a year:

1. Track Everything

Learning how to save money fast begins with tracking everything. First, you must have a budget that pre-plans where every dollar you earn will go. Doing that will help you waste less money on things that aren’t on your budget, i.e., something you don’t need.

But the budget isn’t the only piece of this puzzle. No budget is perfect; like most people, you will likely exceed your budget a few times. You can determine if your budget needs to be adjusted and whereby tracking your actual spending.

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2. Spend Less

Anyone teaching you how to save money fast will tell you to spend less than what you make, and that’s true. Sadly, they don’t always give you practical tips you can use daily. Here are some general principles that will help you spend a lot less of your income:

  • Make it at home: Firstly, learn to make things at home, especially regarding food and drink. Cooking meals and brewing your coffee will save you plenty of money in the long run.
  • Rethink subscriptions: Look at your subscriptions, and you’ll likely find that some aren’t worth it anymore. You can then downgrade those subscriptions or cancel them entirely. That includes movie and music streaming services, gym memberships, and more.
  • Discounts and rewards: Businesses compete for customer money by offering discounts and rewards. Maximize the ones you can access, and you’ll find savings everywhere.
  • Work benefits: Lastly, understand the benefits your job entitles you to. For example, some employers pay for dental treatments, saving you lots of money each Year.

3. Earn More

Another aspect of learning to save money fast is bringing in as much extra as possible. Increase your skills and knowledge to earn more at work in the long run. However, if you need to save money fast, you should do extra work. Many people find ridesharing and delivering items (e.g., food and packages) excellent ways to earn more and control their work hours.

4. Save More

Learning to save money fast means learning to be disciplined with your savings. Seeing extra cash in your account can tempt you to spend more, undermining your saving goals. So, put your savings in a separate account you don’t use daily. That will help reduce the temptation to spend the extra money you’ve saved. 

Besides that, another helpful option is to automate your savings. Banks typically offer opportunities for money to be transferred into savings automatically. That way, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

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5. Be Careful With Loans

Lastly, you must also be careful with debt to learn how to save money fast. You need to take on loans wisely to save money quickly. So, you must only use loans when there’s an emergency. More importantly, it would help if you only used loans so that it doesn’t stop you from earning. A car title loan is one option you can use.

When you borrow money that way, you only use your lien-free car title as collateral. If your application is approved, you’ll quickly get the cash you need for your emergency on that day or the following business day. However, you can keep and use your car to drive to work and make a living.

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