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How To Get Online Loans For Unemployed Workers

When it comes to unemployment, the chances of getting a loan at a traditional bank are slim to none. Thankfully, online loans for employed individuals do exist. At Carolina Title Loans, Inc., we offer borrowing options for jobless individuals.

Getting funds online without employment is possible, so let's explore how to get an online loan when employed. 

How Can You Get Online Loans If You're Unemployed?

So what are the options? Are there any online loans for the unemployed?

There are! Most of them are short-term fast loans you can get with private lenders. Your best option is probably to apply for a title loan online, as it’s the most accessible, quick and has the highest chance of being approved for an unemployed borrower.

Understand The Definition Of Title Loans

Title loans are secured loans. Secured loans call for a guarantor or collateral – and in the case of title loans, your car’s title will be acting as the latter. Your title must be in your name, free of outstanding liens and judgments.

This security means we can afford to be a little more flexible in our qualifying requirements and accommodate potential borrowers with low, unstable, or no income at all.

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Explore Getting Funds Online Without Employment

So you’re unemployed and applied for a title loan online. Now, what is supposed to happen? Can you get one if you don’t have a paycheck coming in?

Remember that providing proof of income is not required for a title loan at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. when you need help. You don't have to worry if you don’t have a steady income. But, like with any loan, you will still have to pay the loan off somehow.

You could utilize several avenues while paying off your online title loan.

1. Learn About Welfare Benefits

Welfare benefits are a popular instrument for title loan payoff among unemployed borrowers. This is because short-term fast loans are often the only type of loan available to people who are on welfare and unable to work due to their poor health. Banks usually don’t consider welfare stable enough as an income source to approve borrowers – so they turn to private lenders like us at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. instead.

2. Discover Unemployment Benefits Or Worker’s Compensation

If you’ve been unemployed long enough that your unemployment checks have started coming in – or if you’re not working because you were injured on the job and are receiving compensation for it – you could use that money for a title loan payoff.

As with welfare, no central bank will likely approve you for a personal loan if unemployment or injury compensation is your only income line. But we will try to put money in as many borrowers' hands as possible and accommodate your circumstances. So, your chances of being approved for a title loan are a bit higher.

3. Start Saving

If you’ve recently lost your job and have no active line of income, it’s understandable you wouldn’t want to deplete your savings at once – even in case of a significant emergency. Your savings should ideally be for when you’ve exhausted other avenues.

Instead, you could get a title loan online and use those savings to pay them off while gradually searching for a job. You’d need to provide a bank statement, which would still render you eligible. Talk to the loan representative about your options! We will see how we can help!


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When Should I Get Online Loans For Unemployed?

Since it’s pretty simple for an unemployed person to get a title loan online, people easily get tempted to apply when the problem could be delayed or borrow when they don’t need to.

Getting unemployment online loans should be your last resort when dealing with a financial problem. These loans aren’t designed to fix your financial situation permanently. A title loan is a temporary help for a specific situation.

It’s an optimal option when the problem is time-sensitive and could cost you more – overdue bills, medical expenses, car breakdowns, etc. Only apply if you’ve exhausted all other possible avenues, are on a tight schedule, or know you cannot handle the problem alone.

How To Get Online Loans For Unemployed

You can quickly apply for a title loan online from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is your phone and a decent internet connection. You can even have the loan representative come to you if you do not come to the nearest title loan place in South Carolina. Here's how our easy title loan process works.

Step One: Fill out the online form for title loans. The form will quickly get processed, and you’ll be contacted by the loan representative, who’ll schedule a meeting with you at a convenient location.

Step Two: Make sure to have all the required items. These items aren’t flexible requirements – you won’t be eligible for the loan without them – so make sure they’re in order before you apply. You’ll be needing:

  • A car in a decent condition;
  • The car’s title that is in your name and completely lien-free;
  •  A driver’s license or state-issued ID proves you’re over 18.

Step Three: Bring the required items to the meeting so the representative can inspect your car and assess the documents to determine if you qualify for the loan.

Step Four: Receive your emergency money. If the representative approves the loan, you’ll finish the paperwork on the spot and get the cash you qualify for—anywhere between $600 and $15,000—either the same day or the next bank business day at the latest.

Get Emergency Funds Online Without Employment

Borrowing options for jobless individuals do exist. If you need fast cash, consider an online title loan from Carolina Title Loans, Inc. Employment is not required for this loan, as your lien-free car title serves as collateral. 

Fill out our online form to get started with an online title loan for unemployment. Our trusted loan representative will contact you to explain the process. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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