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Need Help Paying Dental Bills? Here's What To Do

Going through any kind of medical procedure can be expensive, and dental is no exception. Do you need help paying dental bills? Well, you aren’t alone. When a dental emergency can pop up at any time, it is important you know what is available to help you out with those expenses. So, if you are in need of financial help, check out this guide right now.

Use These Tips If You Need To Pay Your Dental Bills

1. Try A Free Local Dental Care Program

The first option you have, if you need help paying dental bills, is a dental care program. Many counties have low-income dental centers in South Carolina. Since many residents lack the necessary health insurance to cover the ever-rising costs of dental fees, the clinics are in more demand than ever before. You could get free or low-cost care depending on the center you visit.

Plus, some people receive referrals to charity billing programs. The three primary counties — Charleston, Greenville, and Richland — boast the majority of such clinics. However, you can easily find plenty of other free programs with a quick Google search all on your own without a referral.

2. Dental Discount Plans

Another option you have, if you need help paying dental bills, is a dental discount plan. Dental discount plans, otherwise called dental savings plans, offer affordable alternatives to traditional dental health insurance. When it comes to these plans, instead of paying monthly premiums, you pay an annual fee and receive discounts on dental services throughout your membership.

Once you register with a plan, you can access the United States of America's massive network of more than 140,000 esteemed dentists. Depending on the service you require, you'll get between ten and 60 percent off preventative measures and restorative treatments. Other benefits of this insurance alternative are as follows:

  • Savings on cosmetic dental work.
  • No exclusions for those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Zero waiting periods.
  • No annual spending limits.
  • Zero deductibles, allowing you to start saving right away.

3. The Give Back A Smile Program

The Give Back a Smile Program is another service if you need help paying dental bills. This is a service where cosmetic dentists donate their expertise, services, and time to restore the teeth of domestic abuse victims. The program is sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry program. Currently, the program has helped over 1,800 people get their smiles back.

4. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG) Program

Owned by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc (OAAG), the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program was founded in 2010 and can be another option if you need help paying for dental bills. It's an organization dedicated to research, information, and funding within the cosmetic dentistry space.

The Program helps qualifying individuals pay for cosmetic procedures. It's free to apply and is available for those wishing to improve their oral hygiene and get the smile they desire. To be eligible, all you need to do is prove that your mouth is sufficiently healthy to withstand the surgery you wish to receive.

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5. Care Credit

Care Credit is a credit card dedicated to healthcare and helping you when you need help paying dental bills. You can use it to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your medical insurance policy. On top of that, the card provides unique financial savings you can't find with other cards. You can use it to fund the following services if you need help paying dental bills:

  • Cosmetic dentistry.
  • Restorative procedures.
  • Preventative treatments.

6. Discount Treatment In Dental Schools

If you need help paying dental bills, you can receive huge savings if you choose to get dental treatment from students at state dental schools. This could be a lifesaver if you don’t want to force yourself into massive debt. Many people worry the treatment is sub-par. However, the students are supervised by experienced dentists and professors at all times.

7. Installment Loan For Emergencies

If you're suffering from emergency dental needs but don't have the funds to pay, a signature installment loan from us at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. is another option to help you out. This loan allows you to repay us in installments – hence the name. If you want to learn more about this loan, review our website for all the information you need.

And once you learn what you need to from our website and are ready to get started, you can fill out the online form found right on our homepage. This form is then sent to the nearest South Carolina installment loan location, where we will give you a call and help you continue the process at the store to get the cash you need to pay your dental bills.

Pay For Your Dental Bills Today

Do you find yourself struggling with your dental bills? If you need help paying dental bills, all you have to do is check out these options to find the right one for you. Any of these options can give you the help you need. And if you choose to get an installment loan from Carolina Title Loans, Inc., fill out the online form on our website to get started.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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