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Can You Get A Loan On Your Car Without The Title?

Financial emergencies happened to most people. If it happens to you, you might look into getting a loan to help get through the tough time. Many people look to use their car titles to secure the funds they need through a lending establishment.

We here at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. offer a car title loan that can help you get back on track. You simply use the lien-free title of your vehicle as collateral in exchange for cash to pay for your emergency. However, if you don't have a lien-free title, you'll need to go a different route. When that happens, we also offer installment loans that may be a better fit for your needs. 

In this article, we'll look at how to get a car title loan and if the "get loan with car title" idea will work for you. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about how we can help you.

Can You Get A Loan With A Car Title?

If you own your car outright and have the title in your possession, you could possibly get a loan with us at Carolina Title Loans Inc. by using the title in exchange for cash. You will have a payment schedule to adhere to for repaying the loan within a specific agreed-upon time, and we will hold onto your title until you've paid us back.

But once the loan is paid, the title of your vehicle will be returned to you. For those who possess the titles of their vehicles, this is a great option. But what happens if you don't have the title? Can you still get a car title loan?

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Can You Get A Loan Without A Title?

Unfortunately, it doesn't work the same way when you don't have the title to the vehicle. The whole "get loan with car title" method only works if you have the car title. This type of loan requires the title to secure the money you want to borrow, so you must provide the title to us as collateral. Car title loan requirements are fairly easy, making it a great option for those who may have trouble qualifying for more traditional loans.

You must show your driver's license or another form of state-issued ID, the lien-free title to the vehicle you would like to borrow against, and the vehicle for inspection at a meeting we will set up. While you are required to give us your title for the duration of your loan, you can keep your vehicle and drive it as usual.

Why Do You Need Your Car Title?

The lien-free car title shows that you do not owe money on the vehicle and that there are no judgments or claims against it. Basically, you own it outright. We will not take on the risk that comes with the borrower owing another entity money for the vehicle. If someone else has a legal claim to that vehicle then we will be unable to secure the loan money that you borrow, creating more risk than we are legally able to take on. 

What If The Title Is In A Different Name?

If the vehicle title is in someone else's name, you won't be able to get the loan. If the vehicle was recently purchased and the title has not yet been transferred, it's a simple fix. Just visit the DMV to apply for a title transfer.

So, if you're thinking get loan with car title but your title is in another name, take care of this step first to avoid delaying your loan process. Again, to find out if you qualify for a title loan, the title must be your name.

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When Get Loan With Car Title Isn't An Option

So, what do you do when you need a little financial help fast and you don't have the title to your vehicle? Are you just out of luck? Not necessarily. We here at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. also offer installment loans. These loans are also known as signature loans.

Installment loans provide fast cash to those in need when a title loan isn't an option or isn't desired. These loans require you to show your state-issued ID, an open checking account, and proof of income.

We will also check your credit. Signature installment loans don't provide the same limits as car title loans. This means you don't have to worry about having any personal items to use as collateral. Instead, your signature is your promise to repay.

Title Or No Title, Get Your Loan Today

As we've said, if you do not have the title to your vehicle, you cannot get a car title loan from Carolina Title Loans, Inc., but other loan options are available. One of our loan representatives can help you see if a signature installment loan is a better fit for your needs. These types of loans are meant to be useful in times when extra cash is needed.

Regardless of which loan you choose, the processes for both are easy and quick. So, if you're in need of some extra fast cash, go to the Carolina Title Loans, Inc. website and start your online inquiry today. Your loan specialist will contact you shortly after and have you on your way to finding the right financial help for your needs.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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