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Need Last-Minute Money? Title Loans Are An Option

Every so often life throws us a situation completely out of the blue that needs our immediate attention. Whether you have to get repairs on your home or you even end up in the hospital, these emergencies need your full attention – and wallet. When those moments pop up and they catch you financially unprepared, there is a viable option you have in South Carolina. You can use your car’s title for cash that you can get quickly – in a matter of minutes to be specific. What am I talking about? I am talking about title loans. This kind of loan, if you get approved, gets you the money you need in a matter of minutes – 30 minutes or less from the time you walk into one of our title loan stores.

How Do Title Loans Work?

If you’ve never had to deal with getting a title loan before, the way that they work is you use your vehicle’s title, that is in your name and free of prior loans, as collateral for the loan. At Carolina Title Loans, Inc., you can qualify between $601 - $15,000 in emergency cash for your worst situations. While this may seem like a decent amount of money, you cannot use it for whatever you please. This loan is designed to be short term financial assistance and not something to permanently fix your finances. So you definitely shouldn’t pay off your debt with this loan.

This loan, while not permanently able to fix your finances, does come with bright spots you have to keep in mind. Unlike with traditional loans, if you are dealing with bad credit, that won’t automatically make things harder for you when you apply for a title loan. We make it a point to welcome all credit – good or bad. Another bright spot is, although I’ve referred to this loan as a “car title loan,” you don’t necessarily need a car to get this loan. If you own a truck, SUV, or even a motorcycle instead of a car, you can still use the title as collateral. So long as the title is in your name and there are no prior loans or judgements on it, you can use it for this loan.

How Do You Get An Auto Title Loan?

Getting a South Carolina title loan is easy and quick. We actually offer two methods for you to go through the process. Our first option is our classic option. It starts with you filling out our online form and waiting for one of our loan representatives to give you a call back. Once you receive the phone call, you will learn what you have to bring in and you can come to a cash for title near you all around South Carolina. While you are here you can ask all the questions you have and go over the paperwork so that you fully understand before you sign anything. A vehicle inspection will also be done by one of our reps so we can determine how much you qualify for.

The second option is easy and convenient as well. This option begins by you just giving us a call at 1-800-514-2274 to speak to one of our reps and get your application started. Once you are approved, you can pick a location and your loan rep will meet you instead of you having to walk into one of our stores. You still have to bring the necessary items and a vehicle inspection will still be conducted to determine how much you qualify for. Once everything has been checked and all the loan documents have been agreed upon and signed, your cash will be deposited into your account the following bank business day.

Like I mentioned, regardless of what process you choose to go through, there are necessary items you have to have with you in order to get your title loans application is approved. We don’t require a lot but we do require you bring in three items to finish the process. Those items are:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID that states you are 18 or older.
  • Your clear or lien-free title that is in your name. Clear or lien-free means your title is free of any prior loans or judgements.
  • The vehicle that goes with the title. We determine how much you qualify for based on the value of your vehicle.

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What Can I Use Car Title Loans For?

Like I said, title loans are not to be used to get rid of your debt or as a permanent fix to your finances. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of uses out of this loan. When you are going through emergencies like a stay in the hospital or even a medical procedure, you can use your title for cash to help bring those costs down. You can even use your title cash for medical insurance so you don’t have to deal with the entire cost yourself. And if you are going through other emergencies like needing immediate home repairs or your vehicle gets damaged, your vehicle title loan can help you get the cash you need quickly to get those situations handled and out of the way.

As you can see, using your title for cash is a viable option when you have a situation going on that needs your immediate attention. While there are plenty of other financial options available to you, if you live anywhere in South Carolina, you should definitely keep title loans on your list of options to look into for quick cash.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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