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How You Can Get An Installment Loan In North Charleston, South Carolina

You may not know it, but there are ways for you to get the cash you need quickly without having to put up something you own as collateral. Broken appliances, home repairs, and unexpected travel are just a few of the things that can pop up on you that may cost more money than you have in your bank account. For some, the solution may be an installment loan.

If you find yourself in a position where you need an installment loan in North Charleston, South Carolina, Carolina Title Loans, Inc. may have just what you're looking for. Those who qualify could get approved within the day and have the cash deposited straight into their checking account. There's no need for collateral and credit history doesn't weigh heavily on the approval decision.

So, let's get started and look at what you need for an installment loan in North Charleston, South Carolina. Read on to find out if this is a good solution for your financial needs.

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What Is An Installment Loan?

An installment loan is a little different than the traditional loan that many people are familiar with. Installment loans are generally for smaller amounts and don't require the same type of approval process that traditional loans do. They are usually much easier to get.

Carolina Title Loans, Inc. offers installment loans to help people with financial emergencies that pop up in life. You don't have to have the best credit, nor do you have to submit a bunch of documentation to get approved. While there are a few requirements, there are fewer than with other loan types.

You'll have a monthly payment that's due at the same time each month and continues until you have paid off the sum of the loan plus any associated fees and interest.

What Are The Advantages Of An Installment Loan?

One of the major advantages of an installment loan is the quick processing so you get the money you need fast. There's no long, drawn-out process with this type of loan. It's sometimes called a signature loan because it doesn't take much more than your signature to get one.

Another advantage is applicants don't have to have the best credit to get an installment loan. Traditional loans require a full credit report to be pulled for their applicants. This is because the approval is highly reliant on an individual's credit score and credit history. This is not the case with installment loans, though.

Applicants do not need anything as collateral for an installment loan in North Charleston, South Carolina. In the next section, we'll go over the requirements for this type of loan.

How Do I Get An Installment Loan In North Charleston, South Carolina?

Financial emergencies are stressful enough. You don't need more stress when trying to borrow emergency funds to help pay for necessities when life throws you curveballs. 

There are only a few requirements to get an installment loan with Carolina Title Loans, Inc.

You will need a state-issued ID or license to prove your identity. You'll also need a bank statement from your checking account showing it's open and it is in your name. Finally, you need your last pay stub to show proof of your income. These are the items you will take with you when you go to sign for your loan.

How To Apply For An Installment Loan

You can start your application process right here on our Carolina Title Loans, Inc. website. Our landing page has a simple form for you to fill out requesting contact from one of our representatives. 

Once you submit the form, you'll be contacted by a loan specialist who will walk you through the rest of the loan process. You'll get instructions for where to go to sign for your loan, as well as present your ID and other documentation. 

If you're approved, you'll have the cash you need deposited in your bank account quickly, usually the same day or the next business day. You can pay off what you need to and breathe easier.

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A Couple Of FAOs

How Much Cash Can I Get?

Different states set various maximums for installment loans. South Carolina allows for up to $1,500.

Do You Limit How Many Times I Can Get An Installment Loan?

You'll need to check with your local Carolina Title Loans, Inc. office on this limit because it may be different from store to store.

Do You Check My Credit?

While we do check credit for our applicants, it's a soft pull and we don't rely heavily on this factor for our decisions.

Final Thoughts

An installment loan is easy to apply for, and the approval typically comes quickly. The intent of such loans is to get you the money you need fast. Emergencies can arise at any time. They're not always convenient in terms of your finances.

If you need a little extra cash, take a minute to fill out the installment loan request form on our website. A representative will reach out to you and help you finish up the process quickly and efficiently so you don't have to stress.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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