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How To Lower Electric Bill Costs And Pay Your Bill On Time This Month

It is important to know how to lower electric bill costs. High electric bills can topple your monthly budget and make it near-on impossible to pay. So, here are a few tips to figure out how to lower electric bill costs and get help with on-time repayments. It won't just be helping your wallet, but also the planet.

Lower Your Electric Bill With These Tips

1. Clean The Coils Under Your Fridge

Grab a feather duster and remove any debris from the underside and the back of your fridge. Dust on the coils means your refrigerator has to work harder to maintain its temperature. Thus, this dust is costing you more money than necessary. This simple action can help with how to lower electric bill costs.

2. Plant Trees To Create Shade

You have to think about the long game with this one. But, planting trees around your home creates shade. Eventually, this cools your home down and saves you money on the electric bill. We recommend planting trees that drop their leaves during the winter months. That way, the bare branches will let the sun through and warm your home when it's cold out.

3. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Hopefully, you're already using energy-efficient appliances, since most modern washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc., are pretty good at working sustainably. However, if you're not, it's time for an upgrade. Up-to-date, Smart appliances save energy and money. While the initial cost might be higher than older models, it will pay off pretty quickly.

4. Get Your Leaky Faucets And Pipes Fixed

Even if you can't fix leaks yourself, the initial cost of calling a reputable plumber is much better than doing a botch job or leaving it to fester. Whether it's a faucet, pipe, or toilet, your financial health will thank you for the repair.

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that a house with a leak wastes around 10,000 gallons of water every year! Plus, it's best to switch out your electric shower to a low-flow shower to cut your electric bill back.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Your heating, ventilation, and air condition system need to be serviced every year to maintain efficiency. A qualified technician will come out to inspect and clean your system, allowing you to not only have cleaner air circulating in your house but also cut your electric bill.

6. Dry Your Laundry On A Line

Another way for how to lower electric bill costs is to air dry your clothes. Drying your laundry in a tumble drier is a luxury, which is entirely unnecessary when you're trying to lower your electric bill costs. So, skip the machine and set up a clothesline in your backyard. Whether it's windy or sunny, your clothes will dry just fine.

If you don't have an outside space, think about hanging your garments on a shower rod or indoor drying rack. And for those who don't like line-dried clothes because they get stiff, there are ways to combat this problem, including using white vinegar when washing your garments and shaking them out before putting them on the line.

7. Get Rid Of Phantom Loads

Shockingly, 75% of your energy bill comes from appliances and electronics that are turned off. Devices typically consuming energy while they're switched off – called phantom loads – are as follows:

  • Televisions;
  • Stereos;
  • Kitchen appliances;
  • Computers.

As a general rule, anything that tells the time or similar settings uses energy while they're idle. To limit this issue and drastically cut your energy bill, we recommend turning these devices off at the plug.


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Lower Your Electric Bill And Get Help Paying Your Late Bills

When it comes to how to lower electric bill costs, it doesn’t have to be complicated. These small actions can all help you actually save energy and money. And when you've exhausted all other financial aids, you can count on a title loan in South Carolina to help you pay your late electric bill. Fill out our form to get started today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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