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Can I Get Cash For My Car Title?

If you are thinking about getting a car title loan, Carolina Title Loans, Inc. might be an appropriate option for you to consider. The company offers professional, respectful service to its clients, and can provide title loans on many different kinds of vehicles. You don’t even have to leave your home to take out this type of loan.

It’s also a quick way to get cash when you need it urgently, and you don’t need a lot of paperwork. Unlike a bank loan, which could take weeks to clear and require multiple documents, a car title loan can be simple, and you usually have the funds within a short span of time.

How Can You Get Cash For Your Car Title?

If you have a clean car title (with no existing loans or judgments against it), the answer is yes, you could be eligible to get some cash by taking out a loan against your title. Note that this kind of loan should be used when you have an urgent and unavoidable need for funds, rather than for things like online shopping sprees, new business ventures, or luxury purchases.

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Make sure you are only taking out a car title loan if you are in need of money for something like a house repair, an unusually high utility bill, a medical emergency, unexpected travel arrangements, and so on.

How Does Getting Cash For Car Title Work?

If you take out this kind of loan, you are essentially borrowing money against the value of your vehicle. This can work well if you have a high-value vehicle, and you don’t want to sell it to raise funds. A lot of people end up in a situation where they need cash right away, but want to retain their vehicle, and can afford to do so in normal circumstances.

Cash for car title can be the answer to this problem in some cases. You will be allowed to keep driving your vehicle as usual as long as you are meeting the repayment schedule you agree to when you take out a title loan.

For many people, this allows them to get money urgently but doesn’t take away a tool that’s needed to continue working, taking children to school, grocery shopping, and other important errands. It can therefore be a workable option in the right circumstances. Make sure you ask any questions you have before agreeing to a loan.

What Do You Need For A Car Title Loan?

All you need in order to take out this kind of loan with us is the vehicle in question, the title to the vehicle (which must be in your name), and some identification to prove you are who you say you are. The identification should be state-issued and must be in your name. You can’t take out a loan using a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you.

Once you have gathered up these items and your vehicle is ready to inspect, you can simply fill in the form on the website, and then wait for a phone call. A company representative will contact you to talk you through the basics of the loan process, check your items, and organize the inspection of your vehicle to determine its value.

You can have this vehicle inspection done at your home, or at another location if that suits you better. This means you don’t have to drive into a company location if you would rather not do so, making the whole process more convenient and straightforward.

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The inspection itself is usually quick and easy. The representative will confirm the title and your identification, and get you to sign the paperwork if you are happy to proceed. It’s then just a case of waiting for the money to show up in your possession.

This usually takes 1 to 2 business days. In some cases, it will happen on the same day you apply, but in others, it will happen the following business day. This is much quicker than most bank loans, which may mean it’s a better option for those who need the money urgently.

Look Into These Loans Now

Carolina Title Loans, Inc. is a viable choice for customers who find that they are suddenly short of funds and need some cash for something important, like a house repair or a medical bill. This happens to a lot of people, especially those in single-income households. When it does your vehicle could be the solution if you are struggling and you don’t want to take out a bank loan.

As you can see, getting a car title loan is a straightforward and fast way to raise money, so why not fill in the form online and learn more about the funds you could receive? An agent will be in touch with you soon after. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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