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What Do You Need To Get Car Title Loans In SC?

When it comes to handling emergencies, car title loans in SC are good options to consider. There aren't many things you need to get car title loans SC, but it's always worth brushing up on the subject before starting the process. That way, you can be sure the process will go off without a hitch. Here is what you need to know to get a car title loan in South Carolina.

What Are Car Title Loans?

Car title loans in SC are short-term financial aids that allow you to borrow a lump sum of cash – between $601 and $15,000 at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. – based on the value of your car when you use your vehicle’s title as collateral. They're an option for all state residents with a poor or no credit score who need money in a pinch.

The best part is that our title loans aren't reported to the major credit bureaus. So, if you have a good credit score, any mishaps won't affect it! However, it's also worth noting that you cannot use this loan type to build your credit score.

Designed with emergencies in mind, our customers have used our auto title loans for all kinds of crises, such as:

  • Paying for unexpectedly high or entirely unforeseen medical bills;
  • Funding urgent travel;
  • Paying for overdue utility bills or rent;
  • Funding necessary home repairs.

What Do You Need To Get Car Title Loans In SC?

To get a car title loan South Carolina, you need to be at least 18 years old and have the following items:

  • Driver's license or another kind of state-issued photo identification;
  • Car, truck, or van (motorcycles, RVs, boats, and similar are not permitted);
  • Lien-free title to your vehicle.

Unlike other types of loans, you don't need to be employed or have a checking account. You must, however, fully own your car and have no outstanding judgments or balances against the title of the vehicle.

People often ask us if they can receive a title loan when their name is not on the car title. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The title document needs to be in your name to acquire a title loan from us at Carolina Title Loans, Inc. in South Carolina.

Luckily, it's quite easy to fix this situation. Just head to the DMV and ask to have the title transferred into your name. Once complete, you should get through the car title loan process seamlessly.


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What Determines My Loan Amount?

Keep in mind, there are a few things to consider about your vehicle itself before trying to get your hands on a title loan. Numerous factors affect your vehicle that consequently impacts the loan amount, including:

  • Your vehicle's condition — Keeping up with regular maintenance, changing your oil, and rotating your tires occasionally all contribute to the overall health of your vehicle. Therefore, ensuring it's worth more. As soon as your car begins to look disheveled or the mechanics fail, the value plummets, limiting your chances of getting the money you need from a title loan.
  • Your vehicle's make and model — Luxury automobiles like Audi, Acura, Range Rover, Lexus, and BMW are incredibly high-quality and perform flawlessly. These are more expensive than the average vehicle. So, if you own a luxury brand, you're more likely to qualify for the higher title loan amount.
  • The age of your vehicle — As manufacturers release newer models, the old ones decrease in value. Harshly, vehicles lose up to 60% of their value in the first five years.
  • The mileage on your vehicle — The higher the miles, the more wear and tear on your car. Thus, the less it is worth. Borrowers with an older car but fewer miles may be worth more than a newer model with higher miles, depending on the make and model.

How To Get Car Title Loans In SC

Once you've got all the documents and vehicle ready and are set to begin the process, follow these steps to get car title loans in SC:

  1. Submit the complete online form on the website. Sit back and wait for one of our loan representatives to get in touch. They will arrange a place to meet a verification agent, answer your questions, and tell you about the required documents.
  2. Bring the documents and your vehicle to your agreed location – either we can come to you or you can search for ‘auto title loans near me’. One of our friendly loan experts will evaluate your items and vehicle to verify your total loan amount and if you qualify for approval.
  3. After they have examined your information, they will tell you whether you qualify. If you do gain approval, the loan specialist will help you complete some simple paperwork. Finally, you'll receive the amount you are eligible for on the same or the next bank business day.

Get Car Title Loans In SC Now

There you have it! Getting car title loans in SC is easy when you know how. And beginning the process from the comfort of your home makes it even simpler!

If you have any other questions before starting the process, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expert loan associates are always on hand to assist you. And once ready, fill out our online form to begin.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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