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How To Gain Financial Relief In South Carolina

Sometimes you go through things that really affect your finances. Whether you find yourself in the hospital needing surgery or you have unexpected major home or auto repairs, these situations often come out of the blue and are expensive. Instead of letting that stress get to you and sinking deeper into your financial emergency, there is a way you can slowly gain back your financial relief in South Carolina. We are talking about doing a search for “local title loans.” Title loans – sometimes referred to as title pawns in other states – could be your way to financial relief. Discover how you can receive up to $15,000, how simple the process is, and what benefits you receive from title loans in South Carolina.

How Do Title Loans Get Financial Relief?

You Could Get Between $601 - $15,000 With A Title Loan

So, how does a title loan even work in South Carolina? Well, if you have a vehicle with a title that is free of prior loans and in your name, then you are able to use it as collateral for quick cash. With a title loan, you qualify for anything between $600 – $15,000 to help you out. If you are wondering how this cash can help you out, well, it turns out it helps out in many ways. You definitely should not use this to eliminate debt. This loan was not designed for that and it was not designed to permanently fix your finances. It was designed to help you out when you are going through an unexpected financial emergency. I am talking about situations like medical emergencies, unexpected home repairs, auto accidents needing repairs, or if you suddenly find yourself without a job.

We Have Two Simple Approval Processes

When you decide you do want title loans in South Carolina, you will learn that we offer two very simple and quick title loans approval process. Our first process requires you to begin by filling out our online form with your basic information. Once that is submitted, a loan representative from the location nearest you will give you a call to let you know what the next steps are. During this phone call the loan rep will let you know you must bring in with you your driver’s license or state issued photo ID that states you are 18 or older, your vehicle’s title that is free of any prior loans or judgments, and your vehicle. When you show up and sit down with us we will see if you are approved, check your necessary items, and conduct a quick inspection on your vehicle to see how much money you qualify for. If everything goes well and you agree to the terms, you will sign the agreement and walk away with the cash you need.

If you would prefer us to come to you, we will do that! That’s right, our second option has us do all the leg work and come to you instead of you having to come into one of our stores. You would just give us a call and begin your application over the phone. Then, as you are on the phone with one of our loan representatives, just let them know where you’d like for them to meet you and they will. You don’t even have to step foot into the store for your money. If you are approved then your cash will be deposited into your account the next bank business day. You still have to have the three necessary items and your vehicle will still be inspected so we can determine how much cash you qualify for. But at least you don’t have to come into the store if you really do not want to.

Benefits You Get With Title Loans

Your Credit Will Not Automatically Disqualify You

Unlike traditional bank loans where a poor credit score may automatically disqualify you, we won’t do that to you here in South Carolina. We welcome all credit – whether good or bad – to come and apply without the fear of being automatically turned away. Having a bad credit score does nothing but put hurdles in front of you for many things. We don’t want to add onto your stress when you are already going through a financial emergency; the whole point of coming to see us is trying to manage your financial emergency, so why would we turn you away because your credit is being affected by your financial emergency? There is an approval process and there is always a chance for you to not be approved, it just won’t be because of your poor credit.

You Can Use Any Kind Of Vehicle As Collateral

Although you’ve probably heard title loans being referred to as “car title loans,” this does not mean you can only get this kind of loan with a car. If you happen to not own a car but do own a truck, SUV, or even a motorcycle, you can still use the title of any of these vehicles as collateral. You still have to make sure that, no matter what vehicle you use, it is in your name and the title is free of any prior loans or judgements. If it isn’t in your name then you have to go to your DMV and get it fixed before you apply. So really this loan should be thought of as a vehicle title loan because you aren’t restricted with which vehicle you can use.

You Do Not Have To Give Up Your Vehicle

Speaking of vehicles and what this loan means, you don’t have to worry about losing yours once you’ve been approved. This loan uses your vehicle’s title as collateral, not the vehicle itself. That means once you’ve been approved and your cash is in hand, you can still drive away in your vehicle. As long as you are able to stick to our repayment schedule – that you will go over with your loan representative – you do not have to worry about not being able to use your car whenever or however you please. Of course if you cannot repay the loan, we hold the right to sell your vehicle in order to get the money you owe us.

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Get Your Financial Relief With Title Loans, Today!

Now that you know how a title loan can get you started on the path to financial relief, you are ready. Plan your next title loan store visit or give us a call to get started. There is no reason why you should be dealing with a financial emergency when you have resources in place to help you out. While this won’t fix your finances permanently or erase your debt, it can still be a big help when you are going through something out of the blue that you didn’t think – or had time – to plan for. So if you are looking to make your way back to some financial relief, take a look at title loans and see if we can be of any help to you and your situation.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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