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The 5 Best Budgeting Tips You've Never Heard Of

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a chore, believe it or not, and today we’re going to prove it. We’ve gathered together some of the best budgeting tips that you can use to make saving both easy and effective. If you apply them you can see for yourself – with a little patience your savings will grow faster than you’ve expected.

Now, if you need help coming up with a budget that works for you, here are the 5 best budgeting tips you’ve never heard of and can implement right away!

Pay Bills Online Automatically

One of the best budgeting tips for building up your savings is to pay your bills online automatically. By setting up automatic payments your bills always get paid on time, without you worrying about being late. And it’s not limited to just utilities – some apartments allow for automatic payments as well!

Setup Three Specific Accounts

Setting up extra bank accounts can really help you to save. The purpose of these accounts is as follows:

  • One account is for necessary bills like rent, utilities, and groceries;
  • One account is for personal spending like entertainment, eating out at restaurants, and hanging with friends;
  • One account is for savings

Set up your direct deposit to split into the three accounts; the ‘necessary’ account getting 50% of your income, 30% going into ‘personal’, and the remaining 20% going into ‘savings’. The only debit card you should carry anymore is your personal spending account. And if you arrange your finances in this way, you’ll see it’s one of the best budgeting tips ever!

Get Groceries Online To Avoid Impulse Purchases

Another of the best budgeting tips is doing your shopping online. In this way, you can set recurring orders and you’ll always have the foods you normally eat delivered like clockwork. This saves you gas from going to the store and prevents impulse buys, too. Best budgeting tips don’t have to be complicated, so make your life easier and save time and money by getting your groceries online.

Create An 'Impulse Envelope’

Next on our list of best budgeting tips is an activity called creating the ‘impulse envelope’. Whenever you pay yourself that 30% allotted for your entertainment, start putting a little aside in this envelope that you can use whenever you want to make an impulse buy.

It sounds basic, but it’s actually one of the best budgeting tips that you can follow. Having your spending money for impulse buys in an envelope helps you to make better budget decisions because the cash is no longer just a concept – it’s right in front of you. And having the cash in the envelope allows you to spend just the amount you have and nothing more – like you would if you used you’re your credit card.

Get Creative With Dating

The fifth and final entry in our best budgeting tips is to get creative with dating. Not all dates have to be expensive and getting creative can actually spice things up quite a bit. A picnic in the park is a great way to get closer and places like your local arboretum or the zoo are inexpensive or, in some cases, even free.

What makes this one of the best budgeting tips on the list is that it’s actually a very sensible strategy for couples. You can spend too much going to the same places over again, or you can save some money and keep things fresh. Give it a try and see!


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As you can see, budgeting doesn’t have to be such a chore, and these tips give you some simple strategies that are tried and true. Don’t take our word on it, though. Try them out and see for yourself. Your savings will build up before you know it; and should an emergency arise, just remember that Carolina Title Loans, Inc. has got you covered for your online title cash needs! 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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