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The 20 Best Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

Buying your loved ones gifts for the holidays can be very expensive. But with these 20 very affordable gift ideas, you'll be able to spend less while giving your family the special presents they deserve.

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

1. A Poster or Print in a Nice Frame

You can't go wrong with finding a print or a poster depicting your friend's hobby or favorite film. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness in buying something truly unique to their interests and tastes.

2. Slippers

As long as you know their shoe size, fluffy slippers are a great way to make your loved one's day that much cozier. Plus, most people tend to keep their slippers a long time, so it’s a gift that will last for awhile.

3. Scented Candles

When the evergreen Christmas tree goes up, everyone's house smells delightful. But after it has gone, a scented candle can provide happy aromatic scents to cheer things up and prevent the winter doldrums.

4. A Good Book

If your friends and family members are avid book worms, they'll love you forever if you spend some dollars on a new release novel that they haven't yet read. Find out what has just been released and what their interests are and pair them up with a new favorite book!

5. Unique Socks

A new trend is socks with fun patterns on them. They can be worn even under dress pants for a hint of surprise, hidden playfulness. There are medical-themed socks for a special nurse friend or beer-themed socks for a bachelor you know. Search around and you will see there is a sock design for any theme you can imagine!

6. A Tote Bag

With tote bags, you won't just be buying a really useful product for your friend, you'll also be helping to save the environment by limiting the use of plastic shopping bags. A tote bag is an everyday item that is practical as well as beautiful. It’s a bonus if you can find one that folds up extra small to fit in a purse or suitcase when not in use.

7. A Personalized Keychain

If you look on Etsy, you will see a wide range of personalized keychains, that look great on a loved one’s set of keys. You can buy a monogrammed one with their initials or a special saying or phrase that has special meaning for them. It’s a great way to let them know how much you appreciate them.</ p>

8. Chocolate and Sweets

This is a standard but still greatly received gift for the holidays. While it won't stand the test of time, it'll still make their present day a lot tastier.

9. A Gift Card

You can't go wrong with a gift card because your friend/family member can use it for whatever they want! Learn what their favorite stores are or what they are saving up for and then surprise them with a special shopping spree to their fave place.

10. A Board Game

Whether young or old, there are board games for literally everyone. For example, Monopoly is a classic board game for the whole family, and there are tons of different Monopoly versions depending on the interests of the person you are buying it for. You might even be invited round for a game night in the New Year.

11. Bubble Bath

Bubble bath sets are inexpensive and luxurious — the perfect combo!

12. Reusable Straws and Cup

Just like the with the shopping totes, you'll be helping the environment too by giving reusable straws as a gift this year. Also include a reusable cup in their favorite color to encourage saving the planet.

13. Beauty Facial Masks

We suggest you buy some beauty face masks for your friend to go with their bubble bath. You could even make a little self-care hamper for them without breaking the bank!

14. Terrarium

For all the plant lovers in your life, terrariums are a fab idea. Choose plants that they love and are easy to care for.

15. Mugs

You can personalize the mug with their name or a special phrase.

16. Coasters

Loads of small businesses sell unique coasters that will look great in any home and bring a smile to your friend's face.

17. Cellphone Stand

Working from a desk all day can get cluttered. A cellphone stand for the holidays can help you free up space on their desk, and they can use it without holding it.

18. Protective Case

You can find loads of different designs to match your loved one's aesthetic that will protect their cell phone, earbuds, or other electronics device. Every time they pick it up, they will think of you!

19. A Blanket

With the wide array of blanket designs, fabrics, and styles available, a comfy blanket can make the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. Whether it’s a sports team design for your favorite sports fanatic friend or an elegant floral pattern for a special woman in your life, the options are endless.

20. Mini Waffle Maker

Surprisingly, these are under $20 on Amazon. They'll make anyone's day. After all, who doesn't like waffles?


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