7 Higher Paying Jobs That Don't Need a Degree

April 2, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

It's no secret that in today's economy, jobs don't pay like they used to. But there are simple strategies you can use to get ahead in life and avoid having to rely on credit cards or a title loan to simply get by from month to month.


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If you want to skip the college experience and start earning right out of the gate, here are seven jobs that can earn you over $50,000 a year. 

7 High-Paying Jobs to Consider

Personal Trainer

While it can help to have a degree related to health, exercise, or nutrition, there's nothing about being a personal trainer that requires having a college degree.

It's a job that primarily relies on on-the-job training and your ability to interact with other people, a skill that no college degree can teach you.

Event Planner

Like a personal trainer, event planning does have a related degree, but also like personal trainer it's entirely possible to learn everything you need to know through an apprenticeship program or practical experience in the industry.

The event planning industry is one that's driven by word of mouth, so getting out there early and building a customer base can actually be more useful than a degree would be in many cases.

Flight Attendant

While the hours and flexibility aren't great, there's no denying that flight attendants bring in a nice income, usually somewhere around $70,000.

If you've always had the itch to see the world but don't have the money to do it on your own, becoming a flight attendant may be an ideal career path for you.

Wellness Coach

If the idea of guiding the personal growth of someone else appeals to you, then there's no better profession than being a wellness coach.

You can make up to $60,000 a year, you'll work for yourself, and all you really need to get started is a certificate from a three-month course.


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HVAC Technician

An HVAC technician is someone who repairs and maintains air conditioning and heating units, and while it may not sound glamorous, becoming a certified technician can be quite lucrative.

Especially for those of us living in the southern half of the US, there's always going to be a high demand for working air conditioning, which equates to job security and good pay.

Real-Estate Broker

Believe it or not, for a job that involves dealing with clients and complicated legal contracts, becoming a real-estate doesn't require a college degree.

Considering that the average salary for an agent is around $60,000 a year, that can be a very attractive option for many people with dynamic personalities and go-getter attitudes.

Web Developer

Despite having been around for close to twenty years now, traditional colleges still haven't quite caught up to the tech revolution, and the fact that you don't necessarily need a degree to become a web developer is proof of that.

Not only is coding something that can be self-taught, but because of the rise of SEO, web development is one of the hottest fields out there today.

Make More Without a Degree 

Where in previous generations you could depend on landing a job, working there for your whole career and advancing up the pay ladder, nowadays most of us are lucky to hold onto any job for more than a couple years.

It's one of the many things that makes advancing in your career more challenging than ever, and why college attendance is now at historically high levels. 

And though it's great that so many people in our generation are working proactively to improve their lives and minds, the truth is that you don't necessarily need a degree to earn a comfortable living.


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Hopefully, these 7 examples of high-paying jobs that don't require a degree have gotten you thinking! There are plenty more out there just like them - all you need is some direction and perseverance to land your dream job.