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Take The No Spend Challenge And Save More By Spending Less

Every year an increasing number of people are starting to prioritize saving money. And, if anything, Covid-19 has been pouring gasoline on the money-saving fire throughout last year. Even those who’ve never thought about the importance of an emergency fund before, due to a job with a stable income, are now seeing that life can be upended anytime unpredictably.

So one way or another, you need to have at least some money saved for the worst-case scenario.

Alas, saving money isn’t easy – the majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck can attest to that. The No Spend Challenge sprang up on the internet from people exactly like this – trying and failing to save money and getting frustrated with it.

And it worked! The No Spend Challenge has helped thousands of people take better control of their money and save up. If that all sounds interesting to you, here is everything you need to know about this challenge.

How Does A No Spend Challenge Work?

The premise of the challenge is simple – you take several days, weeks, or even months without spending a dime.

That’s the most basic definition of it. You can adjust it in any way that feels comfortable to you. For some, it’s easier to stop themselves from spending during weekdays, so they allow themselves to spend only on weekends. For others, weekends are the biggest money traps, so they declare weekends specifically to be no-spend days.

Some who decide to do a 2-week-long challenge do it continuously, not spending money over those 2 weeks at all. Others spread it over an entire month; so if they manage not to spend money for 14 days during the month, the challenge is a success.

How Long Should A No Spend Challenge Last?

There’s no set timeline that fits everyone when it comes to the No Spend Challenge. You must remember that the core idea of the No Spend Challenge is to help you cut down on spending and save money. If you don’t spend any money for 14 days but go crazy for the rest of the month, the challenge won’t be a success at all – even if you technically fulfill it.

Before starting a No Spend Challenge you should identify what are your most unnecessary expenses and when do you make them.

Another thing, don’t try to start big from the get-go. Even a week-long No Spend Challenge is a success if you can stick to it while identifying the main culprits of your spending problem. Gradually increase the number of days over several months instead of trying to fulfill a month-long No Spend Challenge without having dipped your toes in first.

Do Monthly Bills Count?

When it comes to monthly bills, that’s where it gets a tad bit complicated. Long story short, it depends on how long your challenge lasts. If your challenge is supposed to last only a week or two, then yes, every type of spending counts, even monthly bills.

But if you’ve decided to do a No Spend Challenge that’s supposed to last for a month or longer – then certain expenses can be allowed. This would include your debt and utilities, which are due on a certain date and are automated. Gas is also a type of expense that cannot be ignored if you own your car.

Other expenses, even the most necessary ones, do count though. If you’re doing a month-long No Spend Challenge, then you should stock up your freezer and pantry beforehand and cancel your subscriptions – because paying for groceries and subscription services does amount to failing your No Spend Challenge.

Who Is The No Spend Challenge For?

This challenge can be for anyone and everyone. Everyone should try it because most people will benefit from it – if they try to do it correctly. But it’s especially useful for people who:

  • Have lower income and are on a tight budget.
  • Are impulsive and tend to buy things on a whim.
  • Are trying to fund their emergency fund as fast as possible.


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If you’ve decided this is the year you will start saving more money, you might want to try the No Spend Challenge. This challenge could be just the thing to help you save more by teaching you to spend less. And if an emergency pops up to ruin your challenge, turn to title loans for some much-needed help.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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