4 Ways to Incorporate Halloween Into Your Small Business

September 14, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

In the workplace, it can be hard to allow people to show their creativity, especially if it is a company that requires a dress code. But happy employees are the backbone of any small business. If you’re a business owner, use Halloween as an opportunity to have fun and get to know your employees a little better this year with a spooky celebration.

Get More Halloween For Less 

Firing up your frightening festivities could, not only keep the office an enjoyable place, but can also keep your team motivated to work hard and efficiently! If you’re a small business owner who wants to celebrate Halloween on a budget, check out these top 4 cheap (and free!) ways to give your office a happy Halloween this year.

Decorate Your Office

Give your employees some creative freedom. Allowing them to decorate their cubicles is a great way to keep up their spirits for the holidays. It is also a way to loosen up and get to know the people that make your business so great on a more personal level.

Let Your Employees to Dress Up

Each workplace is different, and appropriate attire varies. Hold a small meeting with your staff to explain your expectations of appropriate attire for this “dress down day” choose a day to allow your employees to wear a costume for Halloween.

Providing your staff with the opportunity to wear costumes for the holiday will boost their confidence and overall happiness the week of costume day. And you should get involved as well! By showing your employees some vulnerability in dressing up, they will be able to see you as an individual with interests, and not just a “higher-up.”

Host a Halloween Party

Get your staff to let loose and mingle with one another. Based on the time you have to set aside for a party, you can have the party after work, during their lunch hour, etc. Whatever will work for your small business. You can even allow people to bring snacks, desserts, and beverages.

Provide some spooky music, decorations, and maybe even a fun game to get everyone involved. If gathering the extra capital to host such an event is a problem, you can always learn more about alternative funding solutions. If you own your vehicle, a title loan can help get you the funding you need for a spooktacular party!

Have a Costume Contest

If you’re throwing a party, why not have a Halloween costume contest, too? This is where you are able to get creative and think of what it is your employees would like. You can even tell them prior to the party that you will be holding a contest and ask them for some gift ideas.

You can also provide a small incentive for the employees such as a gift card, a dress down day for the employee, etc. Allow them to anonymously write down 3 ideas on a piece of paper and put it in a box that you will provide in a common area of the workspace.

Make sure to give them some time in advance to know about the contest. An incentive is always a way to get people to get involved. This will boost their willingness to dress up and could be a way to allow the competitive employees of the office to participate in a contest that is both fun and appropriate.

Give Your Office a Happy Halloween This Year

Provide a fun and stress-free day for your staff to enjoy the holidays and get to know one another on a more personal level. Just have fun with it!

Happy Haunting!